przedszkole niepubliczne warszawa Targówek


I am a certified teacher and instructor. I graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Pedagogy Department of the University of Warsaw, majoring in Elementary education and re-education. I also completed a course in Management in Education. I am presently writing a PHD thesis on supporting the preschool teacher self-reflection.

I have many years of experience in working as a preschool-level teacher. I headed Poland-wide and international projects and programs. I find the experience I acquired as a scouting instructor helpful in all the above-mentioned field.


I was able to see preschool education in Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Span, Belgium, France, Turkey and Latvia.

I also co-developed the concept of the “Folwark Brodno” (“Brodno City Farm”) Warsaw Center for Nature Education and Recreation, that the Green Kindergarten is part of. 
I wrote many articles on preschool and early elementary education. I instruct teachers and pedagogy students, especially in mathematics’ education, activation methods, including the research-project method. I received an award from the Mayor of the Targowek district in Warsaw for outstanding achievements in the field of education in Warsaw.

Privately, I am a mother of two girls: Julia and Hania.


I have an MA degree in social-educational work with the child and family, as well as a BA degree in early elementary and preschool pedagogy. I graduated from the Pedagogy Department of the University of Warsaw. For the past two years I was working as a teacher of a group of three and four-year-olds. I work with the project-based method first and foremost. Last year, I coordinated activities in an international readership-promotion program. I also headed self-designed art workshops for children of various ages. I enjoy being active in my free time, my biggest passions are travelling and all kinds of art.

When working with children, I aim to develop their natural openness and curiosity for the surrounding world. I follow the children, without imposing a single, correct way to act on them – instead, I focus on their independence. I approach every child individually, adapting my education attempts to their needs.

Working with the children creates new challenges for me every day. I will do everything I can for the time spent in the Green Kindergarten to be an intellectual and emotional adventure for the children. 


I am a graduate of the Pedagogy Department of the University of Warsaw. I have a Bachelor’s degree in preschool and early school education and an Master’s course in Inclusive Education. I am presently also a student of the Maria Grzegorzewska Special Pedagogy Academy in Warsaw, specializing in Development and education support. During my education, I participated in the “Good practice as key in educational professionalism” program. The program enabled me to familiarize myself with the theory and the practice regarding the research project-based method. I come from a small town in the North of the Mazowsze region, a place close to rivers and woods, where my parents have their own farm. I was always close to animals and nature. Being the oldest child of five, I was learning responsibility, respect and care for the other person  very early on. I try to spend each free moment actively – I run, roller-skate, discover new places, paint. The Green Kindergarten is the meeting place for two of my passions – working with the youngest, closeness to nature and actively pursuing my own interests.


I am Dr. Poonam Chauhan from India. I am a well-educated, motivated, cheerful teacher who can be dynamic whenever needed! On top of that, I am also confident and hard working. I used to play football and cricket for the national team of India. The qualities that I think are most useful when working with kids are good communication skills, respect for diversity and flexibility.


Raising and teaching children is the biggest challenge there is. And yet I am so glad that I get to be doing both at Zielone Przedszkole, a magical place, where nature, teachers and our little ones can be together and work together.

I have been teaching children for as long as I recall. In high school, I helped younger student brush up their English and German. I am a graduate of the University of Warsaw. For ten years I have been working as a foreign language teacher with children, teenagers and adults from all over the world. I am deeply interested in alternative teaching methods. The Montessori Method has a special place in my heart. I participate in educational conferences organised by the Polish Montessori Institute. Attachment parenting, Non-Violent Communication and forest kindergartners are my biggest inspirations.

I am responsible for English at Zielone Przedszkole. My main goals are to develop attentive listening skills, cultural and linguistic awareness, and interest in English for future language study, as well as to teach basic words and phrases. Moreover, I am also a consultant for the Montessori Method in our kindergarten. I am also a happy mum of two, my son Tadzio (6) and daughter Basia (3). Both my husband and I try to forge a close relationship with our children, we spend much time together as a family, we do sports, play board games and so on. And as for my late evenings, I sew clothes, watch films and read.


I have a Master’s degree in Pedagogical Therapy from the Academy of Special Pedagogy in Warsaw. I have also completed post-graduated courses in two fields: Basic preschool and early elementary school pedagogy with pedagogical therapy as well as the Organization and management of educational institutions. I was also able to enrich my knowledge and hone my skills by actively participating in my courses, workshops, training sessions and conferences. I also had a chance to teach future teachers by heading a course at the Bogdan Janski University in Warsaw. Privately I am a very happy person, I love to travel, I am gladly pursuing my passions and savoring the time spent with family and friends. I am interested in healthy nutrition – sugar-free cooking, children-oriented design and all arts & crafts. What I enjoy the most is creating something new from forgotten and seemingly unnecessary things, as well as watching series that are worth wasting time on. I am also recently re-discovering the “Little Prince”. I am a teacher by vocation and by calling. Even my birthday is on September the 1st.


I graduated from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. I majored in preschool and revalidation pedagogy. Up until now, I worked with mixed-age groups. Seeing children of such varied ages motivated me to learn more about Maria Montessori’s pedagogy. I also assisted in individual classes with children suffering from developmental disorders. I completed numerous courses in supporting the development of small children, among others a baby sign language course, the W. Sherborne method, senso-plastics, hand therapy, drama techniques and others.

When working with children, I try to create a space for them to act so they can discover the surrounding world by themselves. Working in the Green Kindergarten is a challenge but it also opens up a new world for pursuing my numerous ideas and passions, some of which can really seem “crazy”.

Privately, I am a mother of Iga, who inspires me in personal life and in my work. My passion is creating didactic materials for children – my daughter is their first tester.