Organization of time during the day

The kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday between 7.00 AM and 6.00 PM, except for bank holidays. The kindergarten curriculum is carried out over a time of no less than 5 hours per day.

Outdoor Activities

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Children stay outdoors most of the day. They all have special clothing, making outdoor activity possible, no matter the weather.

Teaching Activities

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Teaching activities are organized both in the kindergarten and outside.


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After 1.30 PM all the groups begin wind-down activities that involve much less movement. In the younger groups, there is an optional nap-time for the children that prefer it. 

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We accept children aged 2.5-6 years to our kindergarten. The group is our basic organizational unit. We have 5 main groups in with 24 children in the Green Kindergarten. Whereas the kindergarten curriculum elements are carried out in groups of maximum 12 children (about 5 hours daily).

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Each group has two teachers of Preschool Education and one teacher that uses English exclusively. Moreover, teacher’s aides are provided in the youngest groups.