The idea and Program

The non-public green kindergarten in the Brodno city farm is a place based on the Scandinavian Kindergarten model.

This allows children to be very close to nature. Our educational space is created in an unprecedented environment: a modern building, a huge playground, garden, orchard and farm animals. It is in our Kindergarten in the Targowek district in Warsaw that the children will experience their most beautiful adventures, where they will discover, experience and study the world around them, also using modern technology. The idea behind the Kindergarten also assumes cooperation with the parents, the local environment, universities and foreign partners.


  • learn by themselves,
  • think boldly,
  • reveal individual talents, passions and interest,
  • create a value system,
  • work in teams,
  • follow their own curiosity,
  • boost their self-esteem,
  • live in tune with nature,
  • use modern technologies creatively. 
przedszkole leśne warszawa Targówek

The "Adventure with Nature" Program

lesne przedszkole na targowku

"Adventure with nature” is our proprietary, didactic and educational program that supports the child’s comprehensive development: intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative. 

Main Goals of the program:

  • fun and education outdoors throughout most of the day,
  • taking care of animals and learning the basics of horseback riding,
  • children learn how to grow plants by themselves,
  • bilingualism,
  • additional classes interwoven with the day-to-day activities of the children,
  • cooperation with the local environments (parents, the local landscape and institutions in Poland and abroad).

The program is in accordance with the Polish preschool educational curriculum.

Learning basics of horseback riding and regular horse riding classes

English every day

Designing and starting a plant-growing patch

Taking care of farm animals and our accompanying animals

Everyday activities outdoors

Workshop classes in the field

Thanks to these activities, we can also carry out our teaching program informally.

przedszkole dwujęzyczne warszawa Targówek


Project-based Method for work
Thanks to this method, Preschool Education will not be enclosed within the walls of our buildings. This allows following the interests of the child, creates an opportunity for developing self-thinking and makes greater use of the potential of the "adventure with Nature" project.

przedszkole skandynawskie warszawa Targówek

Cooperation with abroad

Our kindergarten is not only about a life in harmony with nature. It's a place that keeps up with the changing world, which is why we will be making use of new information and communication technologies every day.


We welcome cooperation with schools, kindergartens and pedagogy-focused universities from Warsaw and the surrounding area.